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DOP 3 Story - Brain Out Games

DOP 3 Story - Brain Out Games

Votes, 3.5/5
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TVC Global., Ltd . 1.0.1 12/11/2021

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🌼 Welcome to the DRAG ONE PART 🌼
Displace One Part is a new addictive brain games. Where you choose the answer to the order or not to solve the riddles! Your mission is to drag objects to complete the pictures following the logic. Let's try to reach the last level to complete all stories of the Brain Out game and develop your IQ and brain skills


🥚 Freedom To Interact On Gameplay Screen
Choose the order and position to drag the given objects to the picture. Sometimes, you also can drag the objects on the picture to a different position to solve the brain games. We bet that the reactions and emotions of the characters in the Displace One Part will make you smile.

🐣 Funny And Interesting Gameplay
In Brain Love Games, each level is a small story with some mistakes and you need to use your brain to fix it. Enjoy many interesting Brain Out puzzle like: Punish Cheater Story; Official Girl Story; especially, we have Squid Game Story with 456 Player...

🐥 Stunning Graphics
Colorful pictures will please your imagination!

🐤 Great Tricky Puzzle Game To Kill Your Free Time!
Time unlimited! DOP Love Story game is a relaxing journey of a funny love story. Don't rush. Let's enjoy Displace Love Story.

Download DOP 3 - DRAG ONE PART to solve the funny tricky puzzles and challenge your brain now ❗❗❗

What's new

Let's enjoy DOP 3 Story - A new interesting puzzle game.



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