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SQuick Games - 456 Survival

SQuick Games - 456 Survival

Votes, 4/5
Uploaded by: Latest Version: Update Date:
ABI Global LTD . 0.0.11 28/12/2021

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SQuick Games - 456 Survival K Challenge Play a quick games series in survival challenge mode. Series of many quick simple games. Hundreds players will start at round one, but some will be out of the game round by round. After one round, the accumulated reward will be increased in a saving piggy bank. You need to fight others to win challenges and take all the reward at last. SQuick Games - 456 Survival K Challenge has many seasons and many mini games. Red light green light, octopus games, candy separation, runner puzzle and other traditional games. Mini games will be updated continuously. PvP season will be updated in the future. Play SQuick Games - 456 Survival K Challenge, download it now and enjoy the game.

What's new

- New mini game Perfect Match
- Fix bugs and update Ads SDK



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